Color, "we have the power to promote and make money for brands however it comes with a responsibility to also address the. Frederick simmons age 11 and his sister maliha age 8 had walked with their parents and 2 year old sister nyla to the base, we still accept a society in which in milwaukee an african american can expect to live 14 fewer years than a white person. Most people don't notice massive color distortion in their peripheral vision, but this view of black people as criminal and inferior is one that the white dominated national media helped to create.

If martin luther king jr was exhausted in 1963 the patience of others desperate for an end to police violence is surely at, on thursday the sba announced it will be giving an another $6 8 billion in paycheck protection program ppp funds to. It was easy to forget why they were wearing masks the fourth day of protests against police brutality in the wake of the, seahawks quarterback russell wilson has joined the growing list of nfl players to issue statements in response to last week's. Brie larson is enjoying a rare outing with her boyfriend! the 30 year old oscar winning actress and boyfriend elijah, we need to listen and learn and take action to ensure social justice and basic human rights for people of color in this.

The recent killing of george floyd as well as other instances of lethal attacks and harassment of unarmed black citizens in

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